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At CX Element, we view each business-customer interaction as a chance to craft something remarkable. More than just consultants, we are dedicated partners in your journey towards success, committed to transforming ordinary customer engagements into extraordinary experiences.

Team Meeting

Tackle your customer experience challenges

Wall of ideas

Our Customer Experience Diagnostics Service provides detailed insights into how customers interact with your brand, focusing on every touchpoint from initial engagement to long-term loyalty.

NPS, net promotor score concept, Wooden block on desk with net promotor score icon on virt

CX Element's customer survey process delivers crucial insights into customer preferences and sentiments, enabling informed decisions to optimize offerings and boost customer-centricity.

New Hires

Our comprehensive customer service skills training program transforms your team into customer-centric ambassadors, enhancing every interaction to elevate service quality and foster customer loyalty.


I am a Customer Experience Consultant with over 15 years of experience. I specialize in building customer-centric processes that ensure an exceptional customer experience. My passion lies in helping organizations develop strategies that promote customer loyalty and satisfaction. I strive to ensure that each customer interaction is positive and productive and I'm constantly looking for ways to drive innovation and growth within the customer experience space. With my experience, I'm confident I can provide valuable insights to help your organization succeed.

Carlos Jerez

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Jennifer Merchant

Operational Excellence Manager

"Amazing experience working with Carlos, very knowledgeable and helpful developing and executing our Customer interviews and launching the internal NPS to help understand our Customers' Experience."

Ladan Ouromi

Customer Service Supervisor

"The communication skills training provided to the customer service team, has offered them tools to use to improve the quality of the communication with customers and other team members within the company. The training covered topics to include the different methods of communication; I would highly recommend this training to other teams!"
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